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on 12 Mar, 00:19

New features in TPP Debate: FB/Twitter log in, and Notifications

TPP Debate is always being upgraded. We have just launched two very useful features:

Facebook/Twitter log in

In the log in page, you can now choose to log in the website using your Facebook or Twitter user accounts:



The notification system will inform you of all general notifications and, when you are logged in, the activity in your network. You can find it in the top navigation bar, and as a standalone page.


The following is your network of users:

  • Anyone you are following
  • Anyone member of the same organizations you are member of

You will receive the personal notifications for the following activity:

  • New posts (articles, stories, events, etc)
  • Recommendations
  • Thoughts on TPP
  • Comments
  • Who is now following who
  • Who has joined what organization

And you will be immediately notified from any response to your content:

  • Responses to your comments
  • Thoughts on TPP from your articles
  • Recommendations of your content
  • Someone following you

We hope you will find these features useful!

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