Content guidelines

TPP Debate allows our community of users to contribute different kinds of content, including articles, projects, stories, events, thoughts on TPP, and others. Our community is encouraged to flag unsuitable content, after which it will be removed by the website admins. The following are our content guidelines:

  • Inappropriate content:
    Hate speech, cyber-bulling, pornographic material, and any type of bigotry are not allowed.
  • Unrelated content:
    TPP Debate is about debating the TPP. Please stick to posting only TPP-related information.
  • Promotional content:
    This is accepted as long as it is related to TPP-related issues, however the information in the article must be valuable to our community, it cannot be just about selling a product or promoting a brand.
  • Privacy:
    Publicizing other people’s private information is not allowed.
  • Intellectual property:
    Please refrain from copy/pasting content from other websites, unless you are the owner of the content.

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