FAQ: Adding content in TPP Debate

Who can add content in TPP Debate?



Is it free?



Do I need to log in to add content?

Yes, only registered users can add content.


Do the users of the website also need to log in to read my content?

No, anyone can access the website and read all the content.


Will my content be published immediately?



Can I delete content that I have already posted?

For the time being this feature is not available in the website, however you can set your post as ‘Draft’, and then it will not be online anymore.


What happens if my content is inappropriate (eg: spam)?

Anyone can flag any content for being inappropriate, and our admins will take this content offline.


Can I share my post with more authors?

For ‘Thoughts about TPP’ and ‘Extracts of important information’, no. For everything else (links, articles, stories, announcements, events) yes. To do so, when creating a new post, on the right side there is a field ‘Co-authors’, where you can add more users (either Organizations or Individuals) to own the post. They will both appear as authors and have full editing access.

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