Clinton’s statement that “we need a fundamental rethink of how we approach trade deals” is a strong statement, going beyond simply opposing TPP. “It is critical that we address labor protections and ensure that human rights are protected, as well as health, environmental, and consumer safety issues in any new trade agreements,” her response said.

These are important distinction more...

With regard to TTIP, the European Commissioner for Trade, Cecilia Maelstrom, has proposed the creation of an Investment Court System (ICS). I consider this a labeling scam, and the ICS can only be a pseudo-court with one-way jurisdiction. […]

Bearing in mind that all EU countries have competent courts, there is no need for the creation of a parallel jurisdiction that will privileg more...

Even in the case that TPP would be ratified and enter into force, its incompatibility with the rule of law would remain and the General Assembly should refer the matter to the International Court of Justice for an advisory opinion.

Stance of Twitter users towards TPP:
Support: 10.33 %
Neutral: 7.00 %
Don’t Support: 82.67%

Hillary Clinton helped to pass the North American Free Trade Area (Nafta, a trade deal similar to TPPA) into law, but has recently presented herself to Democratic primary voters as though she is against it as well as TPPA. Bernie Sanders has consistently voted against trade bills of the nature. Donald Trump says that he’s against TPPA-like legislation but he has no actual voting-record to tra more...

The immediate question at hand, if we had to speculate on the fate of US side of the TPPA, it will mean predicting the elections of the entire lower house of Congress and the one-third of Senate seats up for re-election in November, which could bring a completely different set of power dynamics.

Based on the minister’s logic, which is flawed, TPPA is dead regardless of whether Trump wins or loses. Campaigning stances to Primaries voters made by all four frontrunners – Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders on the Democratic side, and Donald Trump and Ted Cruz on the Republican side- it is certain that the next US president is against TPPA.

The Republican candidate for the US presidential elections reportedly called the TPP the “biggest betrayal” of Americans, claiming the deal will result in job losses to his countrymen from massive work outsourcing.

“We don’t want to make a prediction but if Congress doesn’t agree with the TPPA, then TPPA will be buried because section 30 of the TPPA needs the participation of the US because they are the world’s largest economy, with 20 per cent of the global economy.

“So when we negotiate TPPA without the US, then it’ll be less effective and have less meaning,” he said.

The controversial Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) will likely end if Donald Trump become the next US president and the world superpower opts to withdraw from the trade bloc, International and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed said today.

The International Trade and Industry Ministry will form two committees –- one to oversee the implementation of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and the other to gather feedback and assessing the impact of the TPPA implementation.

If the Malaysian government began imposing blocking orders on U.S.-based companies, such as Twitter or Facebook, it’s feasible that once the TPP were to go into force that those companies could convince the U.S. government to bring a trade complaint under the free flow of information provisions to shield them from such an order. However, the Malaysian government could defend itself agains more...

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