Extract from “Don’t rush into signing TPPA – Gurdial Singh Nijar”

There are countless complexities as identified by reputable lawyers, economists and indeed commentators from all disciplines; and from across all the 12 TPPA countries. Even an economic Nobel laureate has specifically warned Malaysia of the potential adverse effects.

Pause and ponder. Will medicine costs increase? Will jobs be lost? Will small and medium industries suffer growth? Could we be sued by foreign corporations for millions/billions if we require them to comply with environmental, health and other regulatory measures in the public interest?

Will our access to the internet be compromised? Will our proactive affirmative action measures be compromised in the long run? Will copyright provisions place a huge financial burden as we move to translate texts into Bahasa and other vernacular languages? Any other impacts for education?

So many unanswered questions. So much public unease. So little detailed analysis. So much division of opinion on each of these issues.

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