Extract from “Int’l trade minister clueless on US politics, or misleading Parliament?”

Hillary Clinton helped to pass the North American Free Trade Area (Nafta, a trade deal similar to TPPA) into law, but has recently presented herself to Democratic primary voters as though she is against it as well as TPPA. Bernie Sanders has consistently voted against trade bills of the nature. Donald Trump says that he’s against TPPA-like legislation but he has no actual voting-record to track or gauge his sincerity.

TPPA and TTIP (the European equivalent of TPPA), will most likely be voted on after the elections and will very likely be passed as law, unless there is an overwhelming shift in Congress.

If Bernie Sanders wins the election, it is likely that he will do everything possible to bring about TPPA’s demise. Clinton may talk a strong opposing game but may not lift a finger to oppose it if Congress passes the TPPA.

On the other side, Cruz is not worth mentioning though he did vote against an earlier TPPA ‘enabling legislation’ named ‘Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority’. But Trump, with nothing other than a track record of incoherent policy stands and monumental flip flops (Trump has donated a large sum of money to Hillary Clinton before) is a big question-mark.

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