Extract from ““Reddit AMA: What TPP means for you and how we can stop it. We are EFF, Public Citizen, Fight for the Future, & Sierra Club: Ask Us Anything””

Trade officials signed the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP) last week, after this massive trade agreement was negotiated in secret by 12 countries across the Pacific for over five years. The 30 chapters of the deal were officially released a few months ago and it confirmed our fears that this agreement would have longstanding consequences for our digital rights, health, environment, and democracy.

Although the signing ceremony was really just a formality—for the agreement to go into force, the countries involved still need to ratify the agreement. Each of the twelve TPP countries have differing procedures for doing this, but in the U.S., both houses of Congress needs to vote up or down on the agreement. Although the issues we will be discussing will impact everyone in the countries involved in the TPP, it’s especially critical that people in the U.S. learn all they can about this secretive agreement and call on their representatives to vote no to its ratification. That’s because the agreement cannot go into force without the United States’ legislative approval.

So we’re here today to answer your questions about everything TPP—the secret negotiating process, our analysis of the provisions, and how this agreement is a corporate wish list for big multinational companies. We’re here to share what we know about this agreement so you can help us stop it.

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