Extract from “Sideline the 12-nation TPP until it’s fixed”

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) […] poses many political, economic and moral questions that require thoughtful consideration:

● Should a private company be allowed to sue a nation over labor, environmental or public-safety laws that cost the company profits? (The TPP says “yes.”)

● Should there be trade sanctions and enforceable penalties against nations that allow — or even promote — slavery and human trafficking? (TPP says “no.”)

● Should consumer-privacy protections for sensitive personal health and financial information be subject to challenge as unfair restrictions on “data flow?” (TPP says “yes.”)

● Should countries that manipulate the value of their currencies to boost their exports and gain unfair advantage over trading partners face any penalties? (TPP says “no.”)

● Should the United States waive all existing “Buy American” procurement policies — for everything from bridge and highway materials to the cars government employees drive, which ensure U.S. tax dollars are spent creating U.S. jobs? (TPP says “yes.”)

● Should trade rules give some consideration to the global threat of climate change? (TPP says “no.”)

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