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KiniTV: Join the TPP conversation at

The Malaysia Environmental Sustainability Youth Movements has launched a website at as a platform for Malaysians of all ages, colour and creed to voice their opinions on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Act (TPPA), whether they are supportive or against the act.

According to the project administrator Leonardo Losoviz, the information gathered from this project will be handed over to some members of parliament prior to the special sitting later this month to address the controversial free trade agreement.

Nanyang Siang Pau 南洋商报:社运分子创设‧供各造表态 TPPDebate.org针砭跨协


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The Edge TV: Web portal launched to promote public debate about the TPP

In the run up to debate about Trans-Pacific Partnership in parliament in January, the Malaysia Environmental Sustainability Youth Movement has launched a web platform, to encourage public debate about TPP. An anti-TPPA movement says issues affecting public interest within the TPP agreement text should be further discussed. However, Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs says Malaysians should not reject it just because of certain contents within the text.

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Sinchew Daily 星洲日报:網站設平台‧讓網民辯論TPP



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Anadolu Agency (Turkey): Malaysians launch Trans-Pacific pact debate website

anadolupicPublic can voice opinions, concerns on platform visible to lawmakers before regional trade pact presented to parliament

The launch of on Wednesday came five weeks before the final agreement – a regional trade pact with the United States – is presented to Malaysia’s parliament to win the approval of lawmakers before its signing.

Dr. Jun-E Tan, the website’s developer, told a media briefing Wednesday that provides a neutral ground for both sides of the debate to raise arguments backed by facts and figures on how Malaysia and its citizens will be affected by the TPP.
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Malaysiakini: Confused about TPPA? Meet the couple who try to cut the clutter

leo-jun-e-msiakiniAre you confused about the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA)? Can’t make heads or tails out of the intimidating 6,350-page document?

A husband-and-wife team found themselves in this situation about a month ago, and decided to do something about it.
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