Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law & Development

Asia Pacific’s leading network of feminist organisations and advocates.

The region's leading network of feminist organisations and advocates. Our 195 members represent groups of diverse women from 28 countries in Asia Pacific. We have been actively working for women’s rights for 30 years. APWLD is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organisation in consultative... Read more

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Positive Malaysian Treatment Access & Advocacy Group

VISION To mobilize the Positive Community to take ownership of their lives and circumstances. MISSION To develop a national network for better access to ARV treatment and common agenda for all PLHIV & Hep C groups in Malaysia.

A group of local PLHIV was empowered during a workshop held in Pattaya in September, 2004. They realized the need to form a strong poz-representative in Malaysia to speak out and be heard in international events. After several months of planning and execution, MTAAG+ was formed on the 21st December,... Read more


TPP Debate

What’s your stance about the TPP? was born out of the need to provide both sides of the TPP debate a neutral platform to discuss their opinions and to influence public perception on the issue. The website’s objectives are: - To provide a crowd-sourced central repository of articles and resources on the TPP to support t... Read more

Welcome to TPP Debate!
What's your stance? is a crowd-sourced platform to debate the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP). What does everyone think about the TPP? What is your stance?