TPP Ratification Process Grinding To A Halt As Canada Launches ‘Widespread Consultations’ On The Deal


Can’t embed the original article as a Link (Techdirt doesn’t allow so), so I posted it as a discussion. It contains an interesting analysis of the ratification of TPP in Canada.

Key points:

The Canadian government is still keen on TPP, and aims to pass it, but it does seem that the process is going to take far longer than originally envisaged. According to The Globe and Mail, Canada aims to sign soon, but not ratify it — the final part of the process.

That uncertainty is unnerving other TPP nations, as The Globe and Mail notes:

“Why would you expend any political capital on ratification if the whole process isn’t going anywhere?” said an official from a third TPP nation.

One consequence of the other TPP parties not ratifying the agreement quickly is that it makes it even harder to pass the agreement in the US — a classic vicious circle:

“It would certainly be helpful if other nations moved to ratify,” said a U.S. official familiar with the matter.

After reading this information...

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