Thought on TPP

Stance: Against TPP

Malaysia already tried to negotiate a free trade agreement back in 2007 with the US, yet it failed: Malaysia pulled out because it reached the conclusion that there were no gains for the country, only losses. Back then there were 58 red flags. How many are there with the TPP? 75! ( So how is it then that now Malaysia can accept this so called “free trade agreement” (even though only 6 out of the 30 chapters are about trade)? What has changed in between 2007 and 2015? People still need access to medicine… The country must still keep its sovereignty from foreign investors… The environment must still be protected. These things have not changed. The only thing that has changed is the prime minister of the country… I think by now we can agree 2.6b is not working for the good of Malaysia, but for the good of his own pocket. And the TPP is his deal. Trust him? Hah! No thanks, we got way too screwed already.

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