Thought on TPP

Stance: Against TPP

The TPPA makes me uncomfortable because it lacks the inclusiveness “ingredient”. The fact that content of this agreement is kept away from the eyes of the public is an indication that the negotiations are kept secret from the people of the country. As a citizen concerned about the environment, the TPPA leaves no room for a signatory country to protect its natural resources and biodiversity. I may not be well versed in its contents on the economy but this I know. If Malaysia signs the TPPA, Malaysians and the very environment that they live in will be threatened by big corporate and capitalistic conglomerates and our own backyard will be at the mercy of these big companies. I urge all Malaysians to at least rise up to the occasion and be privy to the latest happenings of the TPPA and raise your voice of concern. Without your voice, the existing Malaysian government will sign an agreement that will compromise sustainability of the country. #janganjualnegara #bantahtppa

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