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on 24 Mar, 12:40

The Sir John Monash Lecture Series 2016 at Monash University Malaysia (01/2016) – ‘Trans-Pacific Partnership: Winners and Losers” by Dr Jomo Kwame Sundaram

This lecture will consider the nature of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA). It is generally agreed that the gains from increased trade are very modest. Most of the purported benefits will come from so-called ‘non-trade measures’ including financial services liberalisation, strengthened intellectual property rights and the notorious investor-state dispute settlement provisions. 

The TPPA also constitutes a major blow to trade multilateralism, ASEAN commitments and developing country solidarity at a time of likely protracted economic stagnation.


5.30 pm Registration
6 pm Lecture

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Plenary Theatre,
Monash University Malaysia

Time of Lecture
6 pm

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​For more information, please contact: Mohamed Ismail bin Mohamed Tahir
Tel +603 5514 4970


Dr Jomo Kwame Sundaram
Dr Jomo is the Tun Hussein Onn Chair in International Studies at Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia. He was an Assistant Secretary-General working on economic development in the United Nations system during 2005 – 2015. During 2008-2009, Dr Jomo served as adviser to the President of the 63rd United Nations General Assembly, and as a member of the (Stiglitz) Commission of Experts on Reforms of the International Monetary and Financial System. Dr Jomo was a Professor in the Applied Economics Department in University of Malaya. He has received several honours and awards for his work including the 2007 Wassily Leontief Prize for Advancing the Frontiers of Economic Thought.

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